Goal Setting for the New Year and How to Stick to Them!

January 12, 2019

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New Year, New You? New Year, New Look? New Year, New ..?

So you’ve been here before. You have watched the YouTube Videos, made the lists, created a vision board and then waited. Nothing happened. Where did it go wrong?

One of the most common questions I am asked as a coach is, “But how do I find my purpose?”, or, “How do I find out what I want?”

These questions do not have simple answers, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find the answer. Look within.

“Categorise the areas of your life your wish to improve.” 

When it comes to goal setting and finding out what you really want, you can start by writing lists under different headings to categorise the areas of your life you wish to improve. 

For example, write what you want for your:

Health and Wellbeing (i.e. nutrition and mental health), Fitness, Relationships (spouse, children, parents, friends, in-laws), Work, Home, Holidays, Material Belongings, Self-development & Money

And there’s no right or wrong here either: allow yourself to be honest; this is for you and no one else. Be focused and be selfish. If you feel overwhelmed then consider just one goal under each heading and then prioritise them by writing a number against them that reflects the level of importance to you.

“Feel your way.”

Your goals need to excite you! This is where you really need to lay your “Shoulds” to rest! This is what you want, not what society expects from you, not what your spouse wants for you. It’s purely what you want for yourself. So if sitting in a hot tub with a view of a mountain in the middle of Derbyshire really excites you but you think you should take the kids to Florida, guess which one is going to create the strongest feeling? (Check out Losehill House to make sure).

“Include all the senses.” 

Once you have a positive emotion connected to each of your goals you then need to double it. Do this by visualising exactly what it would feel like to be staying at that hotel/wearing that dress/owning that meeting/eating that food.  Include all of the senses, what will it smell like? How will it feel? What can you hear? Who will be there?

Take your time to experience each of your goals as if they have already come to fruition.  Remember, your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s reality or fiction – make the most of it.

To recap, so far you have written your goals under each heading and added emotion and your senses to each of them. Now you need to give them a Best Before Date!  When do you want these to happen by within the year? Some of them may take the whole year to accumulate, such as a financial goal. Some might be able to be accomplished immediately. Either way, write it in the following format:

“I desire £10,000 by 20th April 2019. To achieve this I will…”


Then, place each of your goals by your bed and read them aloud every morning and night, feeling the goal as though you have already achieved it. Spend some time visualising the goals as you wish them to be.

Whilst you are still in the energy of this process, list one thing you can do that very day to take a step towards achieving one goal. That might be attracting a new client to secure a deposit on a holiday, or mentioning the idea you had to your senior at work about a new project. 

Lastly, each night, give thanks for every opportunity you took towards achieving each goal. This can be as simple as giving thanks for the courage you had to connect with a new client.  Every step counts, no matter how small it might seem.

You’ll be surprised how quickly your goals manifest if you follow each of these steps. 

Enjoy and be sure to share your progress with me.

Danielle xx

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